Conor Davidson

Project Index

1 Sanctuary Computer Rooftop Table (2018)

Rooftop table for Sanctuary Computer, a small software development & design agency in NYC.

Pine lumber.

2 Basement CSS (2018)

Development, documentation, and identity of CSS library made with Sanctuary Computer. Documentation available at

The Basement library is written in Sass. The documentation website is built with Jekll, HTML/CSS/JS.

3 (2018)

Design and development of

Shopify, Liquid/HTML/CSS/JS.

4 Tomm (2016)

Tomm experiments with material and proportion. A cedar cabinet with canvas doors. Snap closures allow for removal of fabric panels, to be washed or interchanged. Made in collaboration with Cole Lendrum.

Red cedar, canvas fabric.

5 Barrel Side Table (2016)

Fir lumber, plywood.

6 Olson Camera (2016)

A prosumer point-and-shoot video camera concept.

Modeled in Solidworks, rendered in KeyShot.

7 Embodied Energy (2016)

Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a material, from the mining and processing of natural resources to manufacturing, transport and product delivery. This infographic helps visualize and compare the embodied energy of different building materials.

8 (2016)

Website for SSI Shredding System's Unishear product line. SSI manufactures world class industrial shredders and shredding systems. This website acts as an endpoint to learn more about their Unishear product line, watch videos, view the products in 3D, request new parts or service, and send inquiries to their team.

9 Kamp Grizzly Desks (2016)

18 desks and partitions for Kamp Grizzly—a video production office in Portland, OR. Built with Nick Musso, Sam Tucker and Cole Lendrum.

Fir lumber, plywood, and Simpon ties.

10 Rings Table (2016)

Made in collaboration with Zander Chanin

Fir lumber, plywood.

11 Rook Light (2016)

Made in collaboration with Sam Tucker

Dyed MDF, fir.

12 (2016)

Website redesign & supporting photography for Portland Pet Food Company. Portland Pet Food Company makes additive and preservative free dog meals and treats in Portland, OR and is a pioneer in the pet food industry. To introduce their new, shelf-stable product-line, we came up with a website redesign that was photography-centric to best illustrate the products' possible use cases.

Shopify, Liquid/HTML/CSS/JS.

13 Compression (2016)

Compression is a series of images experimenting with image compression.

Modeled in Rhino, GIF compression.

14 (2016)

Wesbite and graphics for the first annual Superfab Yardsale. Superfab is a Portland based furniture design and fabrication company. Local designers were invited to contribute furniture and related objects towards the sale, made entirely from waste material left over from Superfab’s larger commercial projects.

Shopify, Liquid/HTML/CSS/JS.

15 Tree Furniture (2016)

A furniture series made from a tree in our backyard that fell ill and was cut down. The furniture is crude and unsophisticated, poking fun at live-edge furniture trend.

Cherry wood.

16 Rock Cores (2016)

Dyed cement.

17 Span Wall Hanging (2015)

Canvas, paint.

18 Crane (2015)

LED task lamp adjustable via two conductive ball joints. This light was exhibited at the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. Made in collaboration with Cole Lendrum.

White Oak, Steel, Bronze, and LEDs

19 Concrete Bench (2014)

Cast concrete bench made in collaboration with Sam Tucker.

PVA fiber-reinforced concrete.

20 LaVerne Krause Group Show (2014)

An group exhibition in the LaVerne Krause gallery with Sam Tucker and Cole Lendrum.

Cement, wood, plastic, acrylic.

21 Bloxi Icons (2014)

Two sets of icons for

Modeled in Rhino, GIF compression.

22 Stitch (2014)

Plywood, steel, canvas.

23 (2014)

Portfolio website for Sam Tucker.


24 Twist Tie Sans (2013)

Twist ties were used as a typographic exercise, as a result, creating Twist Ties Sans.

25 Tilt Technology Icons (2013)

Icons designed for product packaging and marketing material.

26 Andover Community Skatepark Expansion Drawings (2009)

Drawings of the concrete addition for the Andover Community Skatepark. These drawings were used for fundraising and promotion. This skatepark addition was constructed summer 2010.

Modeled in Sketchup.